Further, together

Alievo is the encounter and the alliance of two business leaders, it is the synergy that unites two different and complementary women.

The essence of who we are is well expressed through our name, Alievo, as well as through the motto we have chosen for our company, Further, together.

Alievo is the combination of two words: ally and evolution. It is the deep belief that the synergy that works through collaboration between two or more people can generate greater and more powerful results than working alone. By joining forces, our skills, our strengths and our talents do more than just add up, they multiply.

Alievo is also inspired by the Italian word allievo which means student, learner. Because we don’t know what we don’t know, it is an invitation to place ourselves in a position of openness and curiosity in order to open up to learning and possibilities. Together with our clients, we develop their individual leadership as well as the collective leadership of their teams and organizations. With them, we create an environment and relationships that allows reflection, new insights and awareness, and ultimately, learning new skills for the emergence of new behaviours.

Further together is our motto. Teaming up, collaborating to move forward and to excel, that’s how we work. We know from experience that alone we go faster, and that together we go further. That is why we have chosen to join forces and become allies of choice for our customers.