Assessment Tools

The assessment tools we use support our work approach. They enable us and our clients to clearly define the competencies to be worked on to develop individual and collective leadership in a targeted and effective way.

Why use assessment tools?

In addition to highlighting an individual’s inner strengths, assessment tools can also assess one’s personality, competencies and preferred styles.

The information that assessment tools highlight about an individual can help to:

  • generate awareness of one’s specific profile or preferred style;
  • obtain a better understanding of any profile, its particularities and the impacts on the individual, on others and the environment;
  • identify the one’s strengths, gaps and development opportunities;
  • develop an effective and customized development plan for the individual; and
  • obtain a more significant and faster return on investment.

The assessment tools we use

In order to support our clients in the development of their knowledge and their leadership skills, we rely on the effectiveness and the reliability of the following assessment tools: