Alievo Circle of Allies™

Do you know this old African Proverb?

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.”

We believe that human change must not only be achieved through individual work, but also be achieved through collective work. For this reason, our working approach seeks to offer our clients individual, group and even mixed learning methods.

An Alievo Circle of Allies™  is a program designed to develop leadership skills. It is based on a blended learning approach that aims to develop both individual and collective emotional intelligence (EI) competencies. It includes the use of assessment, training, individual and/or group coaching, as well as, as the main vector of an Alievo Circle of Allies™, professional co-development.

Because it draws its strength from collective intelligence, professional co-development on its own is a powerful learning method. However, when combined with other approaches, its power multiplies and its effects are exponential.

What is professional co-development?

Professional co-development (PCD) is a training approach developed by Adrien Payette and Claude Champagne in the late 1990s, which relies on interactions between members of a small group to help achieve specific objectives.

The “co” highlights the social dimension of the approach. The diversity of personalities, the multitude of professional and personal experiences, the variety of ways of understanding situations and issues. All this constitutes the wealth of the group.

The concept of “development” encompasses ideas of learning, development, seeking greater efficiency over one’s professional practice and improving one’s skills.

This approach implements a structured 7-step consultation process. This way of doing things is intended to stimulate the process of reflection, develop the capacity to question, broaden and deepen learning and trigger the passage to action in a rapid and effective way. These steps are:

Step 0—Preparing the client for the PCD session

During the PCD session
Step 1—Presenting the situation to the group
Step 2—Clarification with powerful questions
Step 3—Contract/Agreement
Step 4—Reactions, comments, options, suggestions

Step 5—Synthesis and Action Plan
Step 6—Sharing Learning

The PCD is based on values such as commitment, mutual support and respect and on role-play. One after the other, each participant in a professional co-development group takes on the role of a client to outline an aspect of their practice that they want to improve, and the others act as consultants to help that client enrich their understanding (thinking) and capacity for action (acting).

Being part of a PCD group means taking an active approach with well-defined roles:

The client: During the PCD session, the client presents a situation, problem or issue on which he or she would like to work with peers. This role requires a capacity for openness and flexibility with regard to reflection, questioning and taking action.

The consultant: During the PCD meeting, the consultant listens and seeks to understand, with empathy and objectivity, the situation, the problem or the issue exposed by the client. This role requires a capacity for empathy and a sense of reality in order to question in order to understand, analyze and raise awareness on the part of the client and then offer feedback.

Facilitator: During the PCD session, the host is the keeper of the process, rules and time. He can serve as a guide, a facilitator, a mediator, a coach and a trainer to help deepen reflection and clarify and facilitate exchanges. It is also his responsibility to accompany the client in step 0 in preparation to the PCD session.

CDP sessions are held every 3 to 8 weeks.

Because professional co-development calls for the power of collective intelligence, we cannot do without it!

What an Alievo Circle of Allies™ is

The Alievo Circle of Allies™ is our personalized leadership program created to develop individual and collective emotional intelligence (EI) knowledge and competencies.

This program was designed for our clients who wish to develop their leaders within their organizations. It includes the use of assessment, training and individual and/or group EQ coaching, and professional co-development is at the heart of the process.

An Alievo Circle of Allies™ can consist of 6 to 8 participants and can be held over a period of 6 to 8 months. PCD sessions are held every 3 to 8 weeks. Between meetings, other activities are taking place to continue the work.

With the main objective of developing the emotional agility of your leaders, an Alievo Circle of Allies™ program can focus on a specific theme for more explicit work or on several topics simultaneously for a more overview approach:

  • Emotional intelligence, management and leadership
  • Emotional intelligence and the four (4) dimensions of leadership;
  • authenticity, coaching, perspective and innovation
  • Emotional intelligence and change management
  • Emotional intelligence, power and influence
  • Emotional intelligence and synergistic collective leadership 
  • And many others. . .

Take part of an Alievo Circle of Allies ™ is to engage in an experiential and active process to become a better leader and to contribute positively to the development of other leaders.

You are interested in creating a Alievo Circle of Allies ™ within your organization or would like to know more about this program, contact us!